June 22, 2017

Bengals VS Browns @ Greenies w/ Fans

You already know that we’re trying to blow up Greenies this Sunday to watch the Bengals shut down the Browns.  What you may not know about are some of the sweet people that are going to be there.  These people are pretty famous, and this may be the only chance you get to meet them ever.  In addition to them, there is a rumor that Bruce Willis may not show up too.

First there is this fan.  A Sweet Bengal tattoo, and Carson’s wife even took a picture of it and put it in her scrap book.  At least that’s the story he told us.  For all I know he could have been confusing the story with that time he was high on PCP and he woke up to a homeless man licking his striped B.


We may even have this guy show up.  This Bengal’s fan loves Mentally Ill Possess of Clowns and occasionally he will even ride his bike really fast.  He may bring the bike and take it off some sweet jumps in the Greenies parking lot.  That is if the 6 year old he stole it from hasn’t taken it back yet.


Last and most definitely least, there may even be some browns fans there.  What better way to celebrate our stomping of their favorite team than cheering and downing shots every time we score on them.  All while they watch run in circles crapping themselves every time we have an interception.



See You There

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