June 23, 2017

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Depleted Secondary

Fantasy football nerds are starting Chad Henne against the Bengals. They’re doing this for two reasons: One – last years top-five defense designed by Mike Zimmer has been non-existant so far this year, especially when the Bengals have needed it most. Two – The Bengals secondary is so banged up right now that the front […]

WDW Episode 10 – Georgia On Our Mind

A loss is still a loss. However the Bengals did break a franchise record by scoring 22 points in the 3rd quarter, the most ever by any Bengals team in a 3rd quarter. Unfortunately a costly fumble and a defense that can’t seem to stop anyone these days spelled doom for the Bengals. Nate Wilkinson […]

What next for the Bengals

After having some time to think about life outside of the Bengals, I have come up with a list of things that the Bengals need to focus on to right the ship for this team. 1. The Bengals need to make a change on offense and I think that Bob Bratkowski needs to be fired. […]

Just Can’t Put It All Together

Before you read this, let me say this: I am not a bandwagon fan. I never have been. This is not me jumping off of a bandwagon. I was born on the wagon and I’ll die there. If the Bengals would happen to lose every game from here to the end of the season, finishing […]

Offensive Line

Palmer had about a bajillion yds passing today and the Bengals put up 22 points in the third quarter.    The Bengals lost, again. The game can be summed up on the last play: So the Falcons line up 3 offensive lineman on the last play of the game.  No problem for 5 lineman to […]

Half time over reaction

After a bye week where the Bengals had the opportunity to refocus and get back to what made them a powerful team last season I wondered how they would come out and attack the Atlanta Falcons today.  Well, once again the Bengals looked out classed by an average football team.  Here are the issues as […]

Tecmo Bowl Futures – Cincinnati Bengals Vs Atlanta Falcons

The Bengals travel to the ATL for, what hopes to be, a game to get back to .500 and gain back some confidence.  Atlanta is a decent team and a road win against them will be a good boost for a Bengals team that is struggling.  As always, we played it out on Tecmo Bowl.  […]

Mike Zimmer gives another reason to hate the Falcons

Or more appropriately ex Falcon coach Bobby Petrino. You may remember after a 3 and 10 start to his head coaching stint in Atlanta, Petrino quit in the middle of the night leaving the players a note on their lockers.  He then accepted a head coaching position in Arkansas.  Zimmer had the following quotes to say […]

NFLLockout.com site launched

  The propaganda machine is in full force.  With the launch of NFLLockout.com the players association is taking their fight public.  It is basically a blog with a bunch of posts about how bad the owners are and how the players and fans stand together… BULLSHIT The fight, in an over simplified explanation, is about […]

WDW Episode 09 – CinciSportsBlog.com’s Nick Brunker

Now that we’ve made it through the bye week, we welcomed in Nick Brunker from CinciSportsBlog.com to talk about the current state of the Bengals. Nick joins us and fills us in on his thoughts about Carson Palmer, Marvin Lewis, Mike Brown, and our 2nd favorite topic, food. Show HighlightsTrivia TeaserCinciSportsBlog.com’s Nick Brunker (3:35 in)Atlanta […]