June 26, 2017

Bengals fans Piss and Moan


I began this site because many times I would read a story, or hear a radio program about the Bengals and I would get frustrated that I couldn’t voice my opinion. I love reading just about anything Bengals related on the web and sometimes I have a strong gut reaction. This has happened. Frustration has set in. I am frustrated that the Bengals offense is not playing as well as I and many others have expected it to.  I am frustrated that even though the Bengals have beaten the Ravens now 3 times in a row, the Ravens are still considered to be a better team. But mostly, I am frustrated that some so called Bengals fans continue to bitch and moan about the Bengals team that just won the division and is currently enjoying a winning record. So I decided to pick apart an article from a site we link to, that no matter what the Bengals do they will continue to bitch and moan because I think they are more fans of bitching and moaning then the Bengals.

The Bengals Are 2-1 Stop Bitching You’re Overreacting A Win Is A Win Is A Win Is A DERRRRPPPPPP

Well, I think they successfully set the tone for the article in using the term bitching.

Hey.  Newsflash.  It’s totally legit to be critical even in victory.  Just because a team wins a game means next to nothing without context.  

I couldn’t agree more with this statement. If this was an article questioning the offense of the Bengals as a standalone on a site that generally backs the Bengals then I would get it.  However, let’s look at the article in context. This is yet another article, bitching about the Bengals on a site that is nothing but bitching about the Bengals. So much in fact that two weeks ago they were still bitching about the Bengals not having TJ Houshmandzadeh on the roster and what idiots the Bengals were for parting ways.  You know, the TJ in Baltimore who has like 2 catches and 19 drops that is bitching himself this week about not getting the ball.

If your analysis of a game involves pointing to the “W” and saying “look, we win.  we good” you are a mouthbreather.  The Bengals played poorly on offense but it didn’t matter as we played a horrible team.  That means nothing.  The take away is not, “we win it’s all good”, but “holy shit our offense looks like ass brat should die carson needs to get better we are doomed omg omg omg”.

Yes, let’s not enjoy the win. The same variety of win that the Bengals enjoyed last year, you know, on their way to a division championship.  Instead it is much more rational to instantly take the sample of last week’s game and scream doom and gloom from the mountaintops. The Bengals are 2 and 1, I wonder what this site thinks is the best barometer of how good a team is if they don’t take into account the wins and losses of that team.  Are they angry their fantasy teams lost? I wouldn’t care if the Bengals won every game for the rest of the season in overtime, there is no style points in the NFL, the BCS is college only.  At the end of the year they only count W’s and L’s.

Look no farther than this week against the Browns for a test to see how focusing on the quality of play and not the win loss columns is what matters.  If the Bengals do not get their offensive act together, do not be surprised if the Browns end their losing streak against us.  

Again, stating that the win loss column does not matter. Let me tell you a story.  In 2002 OSU was a dropped pass away from losing to UC. They were a 4th and 12 conversion away from losing a conference game and it took them to double overtime to win their final game. After all that they were crowned the National Champions. Close games to inferior opponents where the offense was questioned. I go back to my earlier point, you may not like the way the win looks, but it is a win. Even though you don’t want to believe it, that is all that counts.  The Cincinnati Reds have more last at bat victories and come from behind wins than almost any other team. So they were losing most of those games late. However, they won the division. Why? Because all that fucking counts is wins.  (See a pattern here?)

Smug quips like “not too many teams have to make excuses for winning like that, but I guess we do” from Marvin are a bunch of bullshit.  People aren’t complaining about the win, Marvin, they’re complaining about the quality of play that would have resulted in a loss against almost any other team.  So many people fall back on that logic and it pisses me off.  I’ll be a happy, content fan when the team gives me reason to be happy and content.  Until that happens, check in regularly for my profanity laced vitriol.

I struggle to see what is going to make this guy happy. He complains of Marvin’s smug quips and then writes pages of his own.  Throughout the site fans (just like me) are called not intelligent and sheep because I support this team. These smug fans who think they are more intelligent when really they just forgot how to be fans shall now be referred to as Donkeys.  You see while sheep may follow the pack and not make noise, Donkeys consistently fight the system and are known to be the most stubborn. 

So this Sunday when us sheep are rooting for the W and watching (and enjoying) the Bengals game, these people can continue to frown, complain about the Bengals and think of the next smug quip to show how much smarter they are than the other Bengals fans. Myself, I will be at Greenies, having a blast and possibly letting out a Baahh every time the Bengals do something awesome, this guy and fans like him can continue on being an ass.