August 17, 2017

What I did and didn’t like – Bengals at Browns

 I think the Bengals showed that the problem with this team can not be attributed to one player.  Sure, people will still try and blame Palmer but the issue is not with him alone. It is shared with the entire team and coaching staff.

What I liked:

 – Carson Palmer stepped into throws and turned out a decent day passing the ball. Sure, there were some throws missed but all in all he had a good day.

 – TO is still open in Cleveland. A huge individual effort from Owens and possibly one of the only bright spots for this team yesterday.

 – Dhani Jones can still make plays.  He seems to always be around the ball on defense. This is the kind of player that is key to a young defense. He still gives it his all, makes plays and continues to mentor the younger players.

 – Jermaine Gresham continues to impress as a rookie tight end.

What I didn’t like:

 – Where was this great defense? the Bengals D made Seneca Wallace look like Joe Montana.

 – Why give Josh Cribbs a 9 yd cushion? This guy can only make plays in space so we give him space. Makes no sense.

 – Clock management again was a joke.

 – Bob Bratkowski calls a game to not lose instead of to win. Why not run the offense like they are down 10 points all the time. Go for a short 4th down against a team like the Browns and don’t even let them in the game. If the long ball works when the Bengals are behind, mix it in a little in the first quarter. Bratkowski plays for a 0-0 first quarter every game. 

 – Have some balls on offense, go for the throat, win a fucking game before the final seconds.

 – I hope Shipley is ok. A fine is necessary on hits like that.

 – The run blocking offensive line seems to only be able to manage one type of blocking a game (run or pass).

 – missed field goal, even though Nugent has been money, it still hurts to miss one and lose by 3.

 – Defensive holding. I don’t bitch about calls, and this one made no real difference in the game, but what a shitty call.

 – The Bengals have to score touchdowns in the Red Zone more consistently.

 – Penalties. Stop with the stupid penalties.

 – Like my wife says “Who is number 71 for you guys?  He sucks.”

Fans calling for the firing of Lewis and Bratkowski to promote Zimmer to head coach don’t seem to be able to look at the bi

gger picture.  The Bengals have to make a change at Offensive Coordinator. (they have needed to make this change for years now) But, promoting Zimmer to head coach could be a terrible idea. Dick LeBeau is one of the greatest defensive coordinators in football, he also failed miserably as a head coach.  The Bengals can win with Marvin, they just need an offensive coordinator competent enough to allow the offense to score points.