June 28, 2017

What the experts are saying

Sports Illustrated: Peter King – 5. I think this thought occurred to me while watching Carson Palmer struggle in the first quarter of the season: He’s owed $53 million over the next four years, but whether there’s a salary cap next year or not, the Bengals could cut him and not have a dime count against a cap.

 – So Peter king wants to cut a guy on pace for 4,312 yds this season. If these are the thoughts that go through his head, it baffles me this guy continues to have a job.  His most read article (Monday Morning Quarterback) is full of so much bull shit it is really unreadable. Unless you give a shit about an overweight writers battle with Starbucks and Hotel Chains and travel. You know, how he is paid to fly around the country, live the high life while most of America struggles to make the Kia payment month in and month out. OK, back to Palmer, why would this idiot think the solution, or a solution would be to cut a QB with the kind of skills of Palmer? Maybe instead the Bengals FO can focus on improving the line. That seems to me to be the biggest difference between the ’05 offense and this one.

CincyJungle.com: Josh Kirkendall – Cincinnati is on pace to have one of the worst Red Zone offenses during the Marvin Lewis era, scoring only five touchdowns on 13 Red Zone opportunities (38.5%) so far this season. 

 – One of the best writers to cover the Bengals (yeah I know, he is a blogger and in the eyes of traditional media he doesn’t count. Fuck that, you know when you read something if the guy knows his shit and this guy covers the Bengals better than anyone else.) calls out the Red Zone offense. No secret to anyone who watches the games that the Bengals stall inside the 20. I read last year when Chris Henry was on the team that after he broke his arm the Bengals went from around 50% td’s in the redzone to under 25%. You would think with some more big bodies like Owens and Gresham the Bengals could have made up for what Henry brought. I think this falls on the O coordinator who is an absolute moron.

Bengals.com: Hobson – The only good thing that came out of Sunday is that people will get off quarterback Carson Palmer’s back for at least a week. He clearly showed he’s still got game-breaking skills and that he and T.O. and The Ocho and Gresham can make some beautiful music together. He threw a couple of long ones and he fired some sideline-lasers.  His only questionable play seemed to come in that ugly red-zone sequence late in the third quarter. There was a sack and a check-down pass with no shot into the end zone.  But then, he’s won a lot North games taking what they give him. What Palmer showed Sunday is that he’s obviously still able to take over a game.

 – Hobson, the writer on Mike Brown’s payroll makes a decent point. Kind of. Palmer still has it, he may need to refine it, but it is there. Now, I hate when people talk about QB’s with lasers, or rocket arms, but the rest of the paragraph is valid. People need to get off Palmers back and focus on what really is the problem with this offense.  Consistent line play and the idiot in the box.

Cincinnati.com: PAUL DAUGHERTY – Is there any way, any way at all, that the Browns should win a relatively high-scoring game with the Bengals? You can point to the Bengals offensive line. If you are a coach and you have Palmer, Owens etc., and you’re aware of your offensive line’s limitations, don’t you account for that in the plan you create? Do you roll out your QB occasionally? Play-action, misdirection, three-step drops, screen passes, draw plays? Something to give pass rusher’s pause?

 – Idea of the decade.  Bratkowski does not know how to run an offense this way. The Bengals throw screen passes to their tight ends only. There is no trickery and no backbone in Bob’s offense.

WhoDeyRevolution: I don’t quite know who to blame for this one, but it would actually appear to be the coaches.  They must be seeing something we’re all not.  Or maybe they just have really shitty vision. This loss was somewhat expected given the Bengals play so far.  Giving away one of the more winnable games would ordinarily be a recipe for doom.  However, another major theme emerging this season, this one league-wide and not specific to the Bengals, is SUPER parity.  No team really looks dominant.  At all.  Barring collapse (and don’t bar that possibility out at all) the Bengals will remain mathematically alive until the bitter end I would guess.

 – The league is showing a ton of parity. Week in and week out it is tough to predict who is going to win the game. However, saying a loss to the Cleveland Browns was expected is false. Maybe if you are so down on the Bengals and let your hatred for the team you root for cloud your vision, every week could be a loss, but on paper the Bengals should have handled the Browns.