June 26, 2017

Bye week blues – Bungle edition

How can a fan base boo Carson Palmer when it was announced he passed 20,000 yds on his career? If you are one of the ones who booed I say two things:

1. What the fuck have you done in your life? Whatever you are thinking in your head, imagine 10,000 people booing you for it.

2. You are an asshole.

ugh.  Usually in this space I will let you in on what I liked and didn’t like in the previous ball game. After a tough day of being a Cincinnati fan I am just going to tell you what sucked about yesterday.

To start, quit screaming “put Jordan in”. That has to be one of the dumbest moves this organization could make. Sure, maybe Jordan could play and somehow catch lightening in a bottle. There is a much better chance that he ends up like Matt Cassel in KC and throws 4 picks a game. He is not an NFL starting QB. The Bengals have the best chance to win with Carson so they must stink with him.

This top defense of Cincinnati leaves a lot to be desired. How can a defense that was the backbone of this team last year give up so many yards and points back to back to the Browns and Bucs?

Can you really fire Bratkowski now?  This is something that should have been done in the offseason (3 years ago). Firing him now might give the offense a little boost but you still have to deal with…

Carson Palmer. The pick 6 in the first half is a play that most NFL quarterbacks don’t make. Everyone saw the defender and because Palmer has lost the ability to look at any one other than his primary target, he tossed it to TB who only had to take two steps to tie the game.  Carson seems to do a pretty good job of reading the defense before the snap. Then, pre-snap, he decides who his target is and locks on. It is amazing he has been as successful as he has this year. It shows the talent the wide outs have in beating their guys. I found this quote on profootballtalk.com this morning.

3.  Farewell, Carson.
With each passing week, it’s becoming more and more clear that Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer no longer merits the inclusion of the term “franchise” in his official title.  On Sunday, Palmer’s three interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown and another of which set up the game-winning field goal, sent the Bengals to 2-3.
Next year, Palmer has a base salary of $11.5 million.  At this point, we’d be shocked if the Bengals pay it.
These are, after all, the Bengals.  The notoriously frugal Bengals.  And these Bengals know that they’re not getting their money’s worth from Palmer.
Barring a quick and decisive turnaround, it could be over for Palmer in Cincinnati.  The question then becomes whether someone else will want to bring him in as the starter.

While the Bengals receivers are super talented, I feel like there are far too many drops. Yes, the Bengals are full into the run, run, pass offense. However, if the throw is there on third down, you have to make the catch.

In order for the Bengals to salvage their season, they need to:

1. Fix the QB. (if possible)
2. Fix the play calling. Mix it up, pepper in some play action, some screens, some other shit. Just do something.
3. Stop false starting and holding.
4. Tighten up on defense, the cushion of 2006 is back. It seems we are more worried about getting beat deep then trying to stop the other team. This allows them to move the ball down the field fairly easy.
5. Win the division games.

As for the Reds, hats off to a great season. The sweep hurt a little, especially after game 2, but all in all good season. If the Reds can build off this and not fall into the Cincinnati trap of tanking the next season, this town will be in for some good baseball again next season. Think about the possible starting pitching alone. (Arroyo, Cueto, Volquez, Bailey, Leake, Wood, Chapman)