June 23, 2017

NFLLockout.com site launched


The propaganda machine is in full force.  With the launch of NFLLockout.com the players association is taking their fight public.  It is basically a blog with a bunch of posts about how bad the owners are and how the players and fans stand together…


The fight, in an over simplified explanation, is about the owners making a bunch of money and keeping their books closed to the players.  The players want the books open and want to get a bigger cut.  You know who gets fucked in all this?  Yep, you and me.

I don’t stand beside a player who at the least is going to make around 400,000 dollars a year while in the NFL. This is after his college was probably paid for and before any other kick backs he receives. I have long been of the opinion of a guy should get whatever he can but I draw the line when used as a pawn in a game of who is going to make more.  What really do I have to gain from this fight? A regular football season in 2011?

Unless somewhere in all this there is a deal that makes it possible for me to take a family of 4 to one game for less than 400 dollars then I don’t give a shit what happens. You see ticket prices still go up, I still have to pay a seat license for a team that needs the local business help to sell out and concession prices are a joke.  Bengals haters will use this as propaganda against Mike Brown but it is bigger than that.  This is a theme across the NFL and the fans are the ones that fund the machine.

Will I still go to games? Probably. Will I buy concessions? Maybe (because you know it is impossible to bring in your own goodies… wink, wink.)

Will I sign some bullshit petition on one side or the other to show support to the rich or the richer? No fucking way. I can’t wait until this becomes even more political and the fans are asked to pony up for the fund to defend one of these sides much like the Politian’s are currently doing. Help us to win so that we can turn around and gouge you some more once we do.