August 17, 2017

Tecmo Bowl Futures – Cincinnati Bengals Vs Atlanta Falcons

The Bengals travel to the ATL for, what hopes to be, a game to get back to .500 and gain back some confidence.  Atlanta is a decent team and a road win against them will be a good boost for a Bengals team that is struggling.  As always, we played it out on Tecmo Bowl.  Check it out…

Bengals kick to the Falcons to start the game and they drive right down the field to a first and goal on the 8.  The Bengals hold on the goal line and Atlanta needs to attempt a field goal.



Kick is good and Atlanta strikes first.  The Bengals are then stuffed on their first possesion and are forced to punt.



Some good defense by the Bengals keeps the Falcons from opening it up and at the end of the first quarter it is Atlanta 3 – Cincinnati 0



The Falcons are then forced to punt.  However, Carson Palmer throws an interception.



The Bengal D again plas tough and forces a Matt Ryan fumble recovered by Michale Johnson.  Bengals ball. The Atlanta defense also is playing lights out.



Carson Palmer throws interception number two and the Falcons have great field position.  Rey Maualuga gets his first sack of the game.



With 21 seconds in the half, Atlanta tries for another field goal and Bryant is again able to make it.



Atlanta leads 6 – 0 at the half.  The Bengals offense starts the 3rd with the ball but fail to do anything.



Atlanta drives down but misses their field goal attempt.  The Bengals are able to move the ball a little and attempt a field goal of their own.



It’s Good! At the end of 3 the Falcons still lead 6 to 3.



With some strong defense the Bengals force the Falcons to punt.



Carson quickly hits Chad for a long TD. Bengals are on top 10 – 6. On the next possession Matt Ryan makes a mistake and the Bengals pick off the ball.



Bernard Scott takes a Carson Palmer screen to the house for another Bengals TD.  The final score is Cincinnati 17 – Atlanta 6.



Who Dey!