July 25, 2017

Half time over reaction

After a bye week where the Bengals had the opportunity to refocus and get back to what made them a powerful team last season I wondered how they would come out and attack the Atlanta Falcons today.  Well, once again the Bengals looked out classed by an average football team.  Here are the issues as I see them:

While Atlanta finds ways to create mismatches for their weapons (like Roddy White), the Bengals offense continues to run the same page one bullshit plays they run each week.  There is zero creativity and no variance. Simple runs up the middle and simple passes well short of down markers for the receivers makes this offense look like they should be playing on Friday nights instead of on Sundays.

Chad Ochocinco has become a joke.  Before the game the pre-game guys talked about Terrell Owens being distinguished as one of the most over rated players in the league and one of them said “right team, wrong player.  Chad Ochocinco is the most over rated player in the league.”  Here is a guy who made a name for himself in the beginning as being a player that put in the time in film room and practice to become one of the premier receivers in the NFL. He then began to have fun and players and fans all embraced that.  Now he is more concerned with his image than how he plays.  In the first half alone he has cost this team with wrong routes and dropped passes. 

Chad, do you know why you have so many followers on twitter? It is not because people value what you say or want to know who you may or may not be dating. It is because people want to know what kind of dumb shit you are going to spew to not be able to back up on the field. Sending gifts to the opposing team is only cool when you can go out and give your team more than 2 catches for 16 yds.

So if I were the coach, Chad would be benched in the second half.  Although this may cause more drama then the Bengals can handle, it doesn’t matter as the Bengals seem to be heading for a 2 and 14 season anyway.

Next is Zimmer. This is a guy who had one incredible year with this Bengals defense.  The same guys on the field now that can not stop Atlanta, Cleveland or Tampa Bay. This is the guy some fans want to be the next head coach. Just because the guy speaks his mind does not mean he is head coach material.  Maybe stop a team from putting up 40 points every week and then your chances might increase.

Some say fire Marvin.  Some say sign him.  I am beginning to be in the camp of fire him. These players are not playing for him.  His diva receivers and diva QB don’t respect him and this team has no life. Coming out of a time out with 12 men in the huddle speaks volumes to all the coaches.

The bright spots on this team continue to be the young guys. Lets hope something changes before they are swallowed into the bullshit the Bengals are bringing this season.