August 16, 2017

Offensive Line

Palmer had about a bajillion yds passing today and the Bengals put up 22 points in the third quarter. 


The Bengals lost, again. The game can be summed up on the last play:

So the Falcons line up 3 offensive lineman on the last play of the game.  No problem for 5 lineman to block 3 people right?

Nope, sack, instantly. 

What is wrong with this team? At times they look unbeatable, at other times they look freaking terrible. The problem can be attributed to the coaching staff.  None of them are doing their job.  Marvin can not control the team or help to put together any sort of game plan. Bratkowski is a fucking idiot. Zimmer can not let his defense give up 40 points. 

This sucks.