July 21, 2017

What next for the Bengals

After having some time to think about life outside of the Bengals, I have come up with a list of things that the Bengals need to focus on to right the ship for this team.

1. The Bengals need to make a change on offense and I think that Bob Bratkowski needs to be fired. Without making a sweeping coaching change for the entire team, firing Bratkowski would show the team that the organization is not ok with losing games the Bengals should be winning and wants to compete this year. It seemed like the Bengals made an effort in the offseason to compete this year and everyone has to be disappointed in the performance so far. In order to show that there is commitment to this goal a change needs to be made, maybe Marvin or another assistant can take over the offense and a long overdue change if getting rid of the idiot Bratkowski.

2. On offense the Bengals need to get back to running the ball. Sure, Carson has shown that he can get the ids and make the offense move, but the Bengals are going to win low scoring games where they control the line of scrimmage and control the clock. The defense is not holding the opposing teams to low scores so the offense needs to keep the ball longer to keep the other team from scoring on every possession.

3. Speaking of defense, it is safe to say that the top 5 defense of last year is not the same defense we see this year. The Bengals can not get pressure on the qb when needed and opposing teams have been able to score almost at will against the Bengals. The Defense seemed to have improved with the players they added in the offseason but the overall performance of the defense has deteriorated.

4. The Bengals have to win division games. The season is not lost. Sure, it is a stretch to think the Bengals are going to win out, but it is possible with the talent on this team. It is important that the Bengals take care of the Browns, Ravens and Steelers in order to make that happen.

I think the Bengals can right the ship and make this season a success. Lets just hope they believe they can.