June 28, 2017

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What the experts are saying

Sports Illustrated: Peter King – 5. I think this thought occurred to me while watching Carson Palmer struggle in the first quarter of the season: He’s owed $53 million over the next four years, but whether there’s a salary cap next year or not, the Bengals could cut him and not have a dime count […]

What I did and didn’t like – Bengals at Browns

 I think the Bengals showed that the problem with this team can not be attributed to one player.  Sure, people will still try and blame Palmer but the issue is not with him alone. It is shared with the entire team and coaching staff. What I liked:  – Carson Palmer stepped into throws and turned […]

A Pre-Season Conversation Between Two Cleveland Browns Fans

Randy: Hey Mark, what’s going on? How’s life? Mark: Eh, it’s not so great. The wife left me, all of the pollution here is making me sick, LeBron James left and I think that I’m going to lose my job soon. Randy: Wow. That’s terrible, man. I’m so sorry to hear all of that. There’s […]

Bengals fans Piss and Moan

  I began this site because many times I would read a story, or hear a radio program about the Bengals and I would get frustrated that I couldn’t voice my opinion. I love reading just about anything Bengals related on the web and sometimes I have a strong gut reaction. This has happened. Frustration […]

Tale of the tape – Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns

Ahh Cleveland, nothing can be a better medicine for a struggling offense than a trip to the mistake on the lake.  Hopefully the tide is turned and Carson Palmer puts out the kind of performance that makes fans that are questioning him (including this site) breath a sigh of relief. Quarterback Carson Palmer Vs. Jake […]

The Browns Fan – Bag It

The Browns fans have a long history of shame and self loathing.  To express these feelings they cover their faces.  It’s become a tradition to our poor northern friends to continue cheering for a losing football team, so let’s sit back and enjoy a good laugh at their expense. These fans spent more money on […]