July 20, 2017

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WDW Episode 15 – Turkey Day Drubbing

Hope everyone out there in Bengaldom had a wonderful Thanksgiving, despite the outcome of the game of course. There were at least some highlights though. Chad had a sweet touchdown that the refs blew the initial call and then proceeded to blow the replay review. Though it’s too bad the coaching staff still hasn’t seemed […]

Oh when the Saints…

Yeah, they are coming. You know, the Saints with the passing game. They throw like 45 times a game and hit just about every receiver equally. We should match up well with every corner banged up and no safeties. This is going to be another game where the Bengals are going to have to scheme […]

WDW Episode 14 – Buffaloed

Each and every week it’s getting tougher to come up with funny stuff to put in this space. Buffalo 49Cincinnati 31 Laugh it up Cincy. In the words of T.O., “We are terrible.” But hey, on a brighter note, Antwan Odom’s back?Show HighlightsCoaching ChangesStripeHype.com’s Nate WilkinsonShoutouts Direct Download [14.1 mb]

Even the Bengals staff writer is terrible

Or in his words maybe I shouldn’t use terrible. He doesn’t think 7 losses in a row is terrible, just bad luck or aw shucks, Palmer is still a god.   Geoff Hobson is a joke. I think he knows it. He has been boxed in and is forced to write positives about a Bengals […]

What I did and didn’t like – Bengals Vs Bills

Really? You are going to do this? What could you possibly like about a record collapse of the Bengals in the second half?   I like Terrell Owens quote. No bullshit about being on the same page. Nothing about missing players or any other excuses. He says: “We’re just terrible. That’s just plain and simple. […]

The Cincinnati Bengals are the worst team in the NFL

I know, headlines are supposed to grab you. This one you read and just think “yeah, I know”.   The Buffalo Bills scored 5 unanswered TD’s in the second half. The Bengals enter halftime with a 31 to 14 lead and lose the game 49 to 31. What do you want to hear? Who should […]

Before You Get Too Excited About a Win……

Guess how long it’s been since the Bengals have beaten the Buffalo Bills and on top of that, guess how many times in a row the Bills have taken care of the Bengals. Go ahead, guess. I’ll give you a minute. 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, 3 one thousand………………. 59 one thousand, 60 one […]

Loser bowl anyone?

The one win Buffalo Bills are coming into town this weekend to face off against the 2 win Cincinnati Bengals.  I am going to forgo the usual “10 reasons to hate Buffalo” post because believe it or not, I have some dignity. Kicking another team / city when we have this pathetic excuse for a […]

WDW Episode 13 – Unlucky Number 7

Once again, for the 6th week in a row, the Bengals squandered chances to win. Driving for the winning score, on the first play of the final drive, Jermaine Gresham’s costly fumble halts the drive before it can even start. Valiant effort by the Bengals defense though as they held the almighty Mannings’ to under […]

Welcome to the Bungles

Carson Palmer was feeling a little bit of pain this morning, so he decides to take a little something for the pain. You know the rule, don’t bring anything unless you have enough for everybody.  Where is the potion for the fans that can dull the pain of being a Bengals fan?   As I […]