July 26, 2017

Same old from the whiners

Let the bitch fest continue. My personal favorites are the guys on the bitch sites that say things like:

“I really wish they would just disband the team. Then I wouldn’t have to waste my time and energy on this criminally inept organization. All Mike Brown does is provide a feeling of perpetual failure and loser-dom over the city. So please – disband the team. It would be better for everyone – the NFL, Cincinnati, and me. Thanks.”

or this one…

“I agree wholeheartedly on this concept of disbanding this so-called team. I don’t live in Cincy so there would be no civic connection anymore. I could then take my talents to a more, shall we say, real football organization. I can’t move on to another team as long as this one exists. “

First of all, Chill.  It is a fucking football team. If you are this upset after a loss maybe you should be doing some yard work, or knitting or something.  Fan is short for fanatic, but some people take it to new levels. If you don’t want to root for the Bengals, don’t.  Don’t hide behind the guise that you are actually a better fan than others because you secretly hope the Bengals do horrible so you can pound your keyboard and type “I told you so” to the masses. Play your games, set up your boycott’s and signs and whatever. You have to know deep down that it doesn’t fucking work. People are going to buy jerseys, they are going to the games and they are going to buy concessions. The 8 people you may successfully sway into burning their tickets are not going to make a difference to Mike Brown’s bottom line.