August 16, 2017

Tecmo Bowl Futures – Cincinnati Bengals VS. Pittsburgh Steelers

Let’s see what the crystal ball that is Tecmo Bowl says about the game this Monday.


The Steelers start with the ball and the Bengals defense comes out pumped up.  A quick sack by Dhani Jones forces a 3 and out to start the game.



The Bengals get the ball but then suffer a 3 and out themselves and are foced to punt it back to the Steelers.



Some good running from thr Steelers backfield puts the Black and Gold on top by a touchdown after 1 quarter.



The Bengals answer back with some running of their own and tie the game on a Cedric Benson TD. The Bengals defense continues to play tough.



A Big Ben fumble is scooped up by the Bengals defense and brought in for a score. The Steelers then fumble again on their next posession and the Bengals recover again.



Carson makes them pay with a quick strike to Cedric Benson. Michael Johnson fills in well for Antwan Odom.



At the half the Bengals lead with a score of 21 to 7. The Bengals test the Steelers deep to open the third and TO takes it to the house.



The Steelers answer with a long strike for themselves to Hines Ward. The Bengals then answer right back with their passing attack.



TO scores his second of the day to put the Bengals on top 35 to 14 after 3.



The Steelers keep fighting with a TD pass to Mike Wallce.



A failed onside kick attempt gives the Bengals the ball again and the Steeler defense attempts to shut them down.



A great catch by Jermaine Gresham gives the Bengals good field position and they are able to attempt a field goal.



It is good! With that the Bengals beat the Steelers 38 to 21.