July 25, 2017

Know your enemy – The Ben Roethlisberger story

It used to be that Big Ben was one of the most recognizable monuments in England, now in the US Big Ben refers to a missing link looking, troglodyte rapist of a quarterback.

Why the hatred for Big Ben? Well, aside from him being one of the biggest douche bags in the NFL, his sense of entitlement is disgusting. Here is a guy that lies, breaks the law and is only sorry because he gets caught doing it.

I get it, Ben has won a lot of games. I think the more accurate statement would be that the Steelers defense has won a lot of games.  Did you know Ben wasn’t the quarterback of his own high school team?  Did you know he finally was the starter after a red shirt year at Miami and he set all sorts of school records? He even had his number retired. You know why you don’t know that stuff? Because outside of the game of football this guy is one of the biggest assholes in the NFL.

Ben was lucky to get drafted by the Steelers. In his first few seasons all he had to do was not fuck up too bad and the rest of the team was going to win the game. Even though he tried his best to derail the success of the team, they were good enough to overcome his shortcomings. The fanboys will cry that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. This is because these people pop wood every time they see something black and gold let alone anything with the Steelers logo on it.

Look past the rapes for a second, remember the motorcycle crash? After Kellen Winslow Jr. had his issues with his motorcycle, people approached Ben about him riding. In the interview (which aired on ESPN) he talked about having his motorcycle license for some time, and about how he only rides a Harley and never rides the sport bikes. He talked about only riding in groups and being safe, then the dumbass wrecks a high performance sports bike with no license and no helmet. This my friends was a lie. It is like a teenager telling their parents exactly what they want to hear so they can make it to the party on Friday night.

The Pittsburgh media hates Ben, his teammates hate him and you and I hate him.  The only people defending this guy are the fans who have no life. I don’t give a fuck how many rings he has, how many games he wins or what he does on the field. You know the difference between Michael Vick and Ben Roethlisberger? Mike Vick admitted he was wrong and felt entitled. Ben denies and hopes that people forget.

To lighten up this post, I have included some of my favorite images of ben from around the web, enjoy.

This would be the perfect item in a Toy Story sequel.


Since Ben lost so many ad opportunities, maybe he should think outside the box? (or is this in the box?)


Looking for the back door into E-Harmony I am sure.


In your case Ben, I am sure they will.


I tried it, but the beef was always hanging out of the front of the package.


“Hey be nice to Ben, we love him”

I know you do big girl, I know.