June 28, 2017

What I did and didn’t like – Bengals Vs. Steelers


I want to talk about how I like the Bengals fight, or how they almost pulled it out.  However, it gets a little old when every week we are talking about how this team almost did something, or played tough at times. The Bengals are a bad football team with a lot of talent.

What I liked:

 – At times, the defense played tough. Mostly in the second half, they were hitting holes and being more aggressive.

 – Carson Palmer was able to have success through the air in the second half. Most fans were confident the Bengals were going to move the ball in the 4th quarter. It felt like the Bengals were going to make something happen.

 – Peko laying the wood on Troy “the hair” Polamalu for Bensons TD.

 – Roy Williams had some good hits and a great interception.

 – Bernard Scott (other than the first of course) had some good returns.


What I didn’t like:

 – Chad Ochocinco, there were times when maybe the ball could have come your way earlier in the game. But there is no confidence behind you anymore. Are you going to fumble, drop the pass or run the wrong route? The hissy fits get a little old also.

 – Bob Bratkowski opening the game with his run, run, pass bullshit.

 – The team in general cannot play unless they are behind. An opening kickoff fumble, a blocked punt is lazy football.

 – 3rd and 2, maybe run the ball here against the NFL’s best run D, but how about a little disguise? The only wide out on the field was Caldwell, everyone knew not only that a run was coming, but what side and hole it was going to hit.

 – Leon Hall, sometimes you cover like a blanket, other times you look lost (like on the Randle El pass to Wallace)

I have said it a bunch of times and I feel it will continue to be a theme this season (and probably future seasons), the major problem is the play calling and offense of Bob Bratkowski.  Everyone on the planet knows that you need to throw the ball to beat the Steelers and our ass of an OC comes out and tries to establish the run. ugh, there is not much more to say. It was obvious when he opened up the offense late in the second half what the Bengals could have done all day. Obvious to everyone except for Bob I guess.