July 26, 2017

Bengals Vs. Colts on Sunday

Sooo… what are you doing on Sunday? You could catch up on some leaf raking. Maybe cut the grass for the final time. How about getting a head start on that Christmas list?


Or, you could watch the Bengals face the Colts in Indianapolis at 1:00. 


The question you have to ask yourself is “Are the Bengals done this season?”.  I think so. I mean, I fully expect the Bengals to show some life and make this season a little bit more competitive.

An 8 and 8 season would give the Bengals Ass, I mean Brass, a reason to appeal to the fans. Just like in almost every game this season the Bengals begin to show up when it doesn’t really matter anymore. Yeah, they could have come back and won the game on Monday. They almost did, but really, they don’t start playing until they are down at least 10 points. Maybe this season will pan out the same way.


So how can you beat the Colts? Well, the Texans had a ton of success running the ball. Which probably means our asshole of an offensive coordinator will come out calling for 10 straight pass plays. The Colts are actually 29th in the league in stopping the run. Yeah, we are definitely going to throw the ball, a lot.


In all seriousness though, I fully expect the Bengals to come out and win this game. I think Benson will have a big game and I also think the passing game will click. When they want to, the aerial attack looks really good.  Maybe Chad can get some more catches, maybe not. Either way I am sure we will hear about it on Twitter or his TV show(s).

Peyton Manning does not do a lot of losing to the Bengals, in fact he has never lost to us. While Manning will be shooting for his 7th straight win against Cincinnati, the Bengals are going to need to play some good football to avoid their 7th loss.