June 28, 2017

Fire Bob Bratkowski

Fire Bob Bratkowski. It is time, after 10 seasons of mind numbingly bad performances it is time to cut ties with this offensive coordinator.

Sure, you can go online and read about how James Walker thinks Bob is the second best coordinator in the division. But he is an idiot.

Other talking head experts also praise the Bengals offense, and yeah, if you look at the box score and see Palmer throwing for 400 yds and 3 tds and Benson getting his yds then yeah, you would think they are doing an ok job.  What you don’t see is the stalled drives when needed, not converting 3rd down and how well the D plays just to keep the team in the game.

The reason the Bengals seem to turn it on and off is because they have a piece of shit coordinator that plays not to lose rather than to win. A scared man that has lost whatever ability he may have once had to game plan and adjust. Fuck Bratkowski and Fuck Mike Brown for keeping him around. It no longer is incompetence, it is arrogance of an owner to keep someone who under performs this bad in his position.


If you can’t tell, I am very passionate about this and will continue to post my thoughts on this idiot until a change is made. Sadly, that change will probably be promoting him to head coach.