June 24, 2017

Welcome to the Bungles

Carson Palmer was feeling a little bit of pain this morning, so he decides to take a little something for the pain. You know the rule, don’t bring anything unless you have enough for everybody.  Where is the potion for the fans that can dull the pain of being a Bengals fan?


As I am watching the game, I continue to be amazed at how bad these Bengals can perform. From one week to the next you have a guy play like an all pro to a bum. Take Chad for example, last week he plays like a selfish crybaby, today he looks like he will catch anything near him. Owens is setting a blistering pace this season and today plays like a pussy with alligator arms.


Carson Palmer plays like an all pro and a bum all in the same game. Inexcusable throwing 3 interceptions in one game. The defense should get free reign to kick your ass all week if you do stupid shit like that.


Were there any positives to the game today? Well, the Bengals had a chance to almost win again.  If you are counting, that is 6 of the 7 Bengals losses that they had chance to win late. Does this mean anything to you? To me it shows that the Bengals have the talent to win these games. So what stops them? Coaching.


I can not fault Gresham for putting the ball on the ground at the end. I know a lot of you will. Honestly though, the Bengals shouldn’t have even had the ball there, they were gifted the ball on an onside kick they did not recover. I can however fault Marvin for giving the Colts the ball with over two minutes left and having 0 timeouts left. Or how about maybe one in your pocket with :46 seconds left. What in the game was so important that you failed to let your team have a chance at the end by stopping the clock? Get the play calls in, get the correct people on the field and use timeouts when they are the most useful, not when you want to second guess a call or take some time to think about how you are going to run the ball up the middle.


I hate to say I told you so. But, what was my key to winning the game? Run the damn ball. The Colts have one of the worst run stopping defenses in the NFL, the Bengals passed the ball much more than they ran. Carson throwing it to the other team hurt the Bengals much more than Bensons blunder.


Then there is the end of the game. Someone needs to be fired or benched at this point. Your season is over, you are cemented into last place in the division. A chance to win with :46 seconds left and your players play like a bunch of candy asses. First down, sack. Seconds tick off as the team walks back to the line, wasting 20 seconds. 2nd down, sack. again, wasting time not lining up quickly. Third down, drop a pass in the hands as time expires. It shows the players don’t want to win, the coaches fail to lead this team. Why should the fans care?


Mike Brown, now is the time to prove you are not a complete fucking moron. Make a statement, make a change. Doing nothing once again proves how detached you are from reality.