July 21, 2017

Loser bowl anyone?

The one win Buffalo Bills are coming into town this weekend to face off against the 2 win Cincinnati Bengals.  I am going to forgo the usual “10 reasons to hate Buffalo” post because believe it or not, I have some dignity. Kicking another team / city when we have this pathetic excuse for a team is just sad.


So what can we expect this weekend? In my mind, the game goes one of two ways.

1. A close game that the Bengals lose. Maybe they win a close one, but I think letting a team like Buffalo stick around will end up bad for the Bengals. Crazy Legs Fitzpatrick is going to want to rub it in the face of the fans that booed him for almost an entire season.

2. The Bengals win big. Only the people in the stands will be able to enjoy this one though because all signs point to this game being blacked out. 

(no worries Bengals fans, some guy named justin and his .TV site should be able to help with the loss… wink, wink)


Will a win this week do anything for the Bengal fans morale? Nope, probably not. We can hope for little things though. Like single game records. Remember how awesome it was when Dillion ran all over Denver for the single game record? I mean, the Bengals sucked then too, but that was fun to watch. Maybe Carson can top the performance of Mike Vick last night, running for 100yds and 2td while throwing for 350 and 4 more? Nah, I know it isn’t possible, but any given Sunday right?


Should the fans do some sort of protest or boycott? Paper bags on your head? Witty t-shirts or urinal cakes about how you are some how more enlightened than everybody else? Why the hell would you want to do that? It falls on deaf ears, it doesn’t work and you come off looking like little crybabies. These are the same people that post online about how this time they are really done, or how they won’t watch any more, blah blah blah. 


It goes like this: if you want to go to the game, go. Have fun, drink some beers and hang out with your friends. If you don’t want to go then stop trying to convince yourself / others that you are a better person because of it.


I am not going to go all half full or half empty like Hobson. Just know the Bengals season is done. Try and hope for the little things like maybe this is enough to knock some sense into Brown. If you think about it, this is the first truly awful season where there is no ready made excuse. What can be blamed this year? A First place schedule? Weak. Maybe this is Bratkowskis final stand. That would be a nice Christmas present to the city.