July 25, 2017

Before You Get Too Excited About a Win……

Guess how long it’s been since the Bengals have beaten the Buffalo Bills and on top of that, guess how many times in a row the Bills have taken care of the Bengals. Go ahead, guess. I’ll give you a minute.

1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, 3 one thousand………………. 59 one thousand, 60 one thousand. Okay… give up?

The answer to the first part is 1988 and the answer to the second part is nine.

That’s right. The last time the Bengals beat the Bills was in 1988 in the AFC Divisional Playoff game and since then, the Bengals and Bills have played nine regular season games and the Bills won all of them.

If the Bengals were a good team and in playoff contention, I would call this a trap game. But, since the term trap game implies that the team that is trapped is good, I can’t really use it here. Instead, I’ll say that it’s a game in which a bad team has a chance to get beaten by an even worse team.

While it seams that the Bills are just one of those teams that “have the Bengals number” (like everybody else does right now), Sunday is a perfect time and place to break the cycle and prevent the Bills from beating the Bengals ten times in a row.

Now ask me if I have faith that they can do it? Go ahead ask.

You: Do you have faith that they can do it?

Me: No. And here’s why…. The Bengals have not been beaten by any team other than themselves in any game except for maybe the New England game. Good teams don’t do that. The Bengals record screams that they’re not a good team but there’s more too it. Even teams with bad records don’t beat themselves. They get beat because of bad coaching or bad luck or a drop off of talent after the starting lineup. I think it’s fair to say that the Bengals are probably the most talented 2-7 over the past decade. So really, the Bengals are worse than a bad team.

Before the Bills beat the Lions for their first win of the season, they lost three straight games by a field goal against the Ravens (in Baltimore), the Chiefs (in Kansas City) and the Bears (at home). All three of those teams rank higher (by more than 10) than the Benglas do in the latest NFL power rankings.  So, if a friend from Buffalo bet me $100 on the game and he said that he thought the Bills would win, I would say, I’m not taking that chance. For $5 maybe, but not $100.

So what needs to happen? Mike Brown should probably hire a general manager but there’s no point in waisting my breath on that  because anybody who has at least one firing neuron in their brain knows that isn’t going to happen. There isn’t even a point in complaining about it anymore. It’s falling on deaf ears and that poor dead horse has been beaten to a bloody pulp by now.

What will happen? Marvin Lewis will likely be interviewing for new jobs next season and maybe Bob Bratkowski will be with him. The Bengals will likely hire a new head coach who will team up with Mike Zimmer and try to turn the team around. Maybe John Fox from Carolina. Who knows?

What is most likely though, is the fact that Bengals fans can enjoy the rollercoaster for a while longer. This year, the Bengals will be lucky to win four games and next year they may win their first playoff game in more than a decade and then the year after that they’ll miss the playoffs all together.

That’s how it is.

Welcome to Bengals country.