August 16, 2017

The Cincinnati Bengals are the worst team in the NFL

I know, headlines are supposed to grab you. This one you read and just think “yeah, I know”.


The Buffalo Bills scored 5 unanswered TD’s in the second half. The Bengals enter halftime with a 31 to 14 lead and lose the game 49 to 31. What do you want to hear? Who should be fired? Who the fuck cares anymore?


Much has been made of the Bengals last 20 years. I am going to go on record as saying of all 20, this is the worst season in the Mike Brown era. Is it his fault? At some level, yeah. Seriously though, this team won the division and made the playoffs last year. Who did they lose? JT O’Sullivan? They picked up a legitimate wide receiver in Terrell Owens. He has produced.  There defense is in tact and the rest of the team is really unchanged. They go from best team around to a joke in less than a season.


Someone has to be fired. Someone has to apologize. I don’t think either will happen. Even if they do, does it matter?


Wait, Ryan Fitzpatrick just looked all pro in the Jungle. Where are you now Zimmer for head coach guy? Really, none of these coaches should be back next year. Probably not Chad, or Palmer. You think our corners are going to try and negotiate to stay here? Any chance the Bengals may have had in the next couple of years probably died on the field today.