August 16, 2017

What I did and didn’t like – Bengals Vs Bills

Really? You are going to do this? What could you possibly like about a record collapse of the Bengals in the second half?


I like Terrell Owens quote. No bullshit about being on the same page. Nothing about missing players or any other excuses. He says:

“We’re just terrible. That’s just plain and simple. When I say we, that’s me included,”

“We find ways to lose the game. You would think that, having a lead going into halftime, we could capitalize and build off of that. We may go 2-14 at the rate we’re playing.”

“I don’t blame the fans for booing us, I don’t blame people for not wanting to come and see the performance we’ve put up the last six ballgames. I don’t blame them.”


Then there is the quote from Bills safety George Wilson:

“With our film study throughout this week, we saw the vulnerability and the inconsistency in the ball security with their running backs. We all talked about the first guy that goes in, wrap up and hold him up, and the next two or three guys go in and rip at the ball. We had some great opportunities on some fumbles that weren’t called fumbles, but we kept playing and kept hammering away and we were able to come away with the victory today.”


Kind of hard to call for the ball Benson when film shows you don’t know how to secure it.


So did the Bengals do anything today that showed signs of life? Not really. They had a good first half, really good. However, once this team faced adversity they crumbled. Carson seems hesitant. He doesn’t want to make a mistake and because of that, mistakes are made. It is like they say, the defensive driver is sometimes the most dangerous.  It seems simple to the fan. When you play Madden (or in our case Tecmo Bowl) you throw caution to the wind. You never punt, you throw deep and you play to win the game. Maybe the Bengals need to play more Madden. Carson should start slinging the ball everywhere. What’s the worst that can happen? I mean, we just lost to the Bills after giving up 5 unanswered touchdowns in the second half. It doesn’t get much worse than that.


What didn’t I like?

Well, how about every time the Bengals sniffed success we shot ourselves in the foot.


 – Terrell Owens TD called back due to offensive holding.


 – Dhani Jones interception called back due to roughing the passer.


 – Illegal use of the hands on 3rd and 17.


 – Missed field goal.


 – Fumbles.


 – Interceptions.


Look on the bright side. At least we have a short week and get to face one of the hottest teams in the NFL on national TV. Great.