August 16, 2017

Even the Bengals staff writer is terrible

Or in his words maybe I shouldn’t use terrible. He doesn’t think 7 losses in a row is terrible, just bad luck or aw shucks, Palmer is still a god.


Geoff Hobson is a joke. I think he knows it. He has been boxed in and is forced to write positives about a Bengals team year in and year out that really doesn’t have that many positives.


I don’t usually read what he writes, it is usually that bad. However, this week he rises to a new level of suck. After praising the efforts of Ryan Fitzpatrick, going almost so far to reveal his man crush on the guy, he tries to pepper in current events in the most awkward way possible. Nothing screams NFL like TSA pat downs or the royal engagement. Below are his words:


“He came off the field after throwing a pick-six to fall behind 28-7 and looking like some TSA agent had crawled into his bearded disguise. Take note, kids. Fitzpatrick hit 14 of his last 17 passes to engineer the biggest comeback in NFL history. No one. Not Montana. Not Elway. Not Brady. No one before Sunday had been down by as much as 17 points at the half and ended up winning by 18.”

“If you ever feel down, take a look at Fitzy trailing, 28-7, and wondering if he had thrown a ball to Kate Middleton for an engagement gift. He never said never. He may not be blessed with all the talent. But kids, heart and brains go a long way.”

Other than a writing audition for TMZ, I have no clue what this asshat was trying to say. In his mind the game on Sunday was more a Disney movie about success rather than two terrible football teams playing in a game that does not matter.


He later talked about how Marvin is a good coach at keeping games close and Carson Palmer has the grit and moxy to keep his team in the game.