August 16, 2017

Oh when the Saints…

Yeah, they are coming. You know, the Saints with the passing game. They throw like 45 times a game and hit just about every receiver equally. We should match up well with every corner banged up and no safeties. This is going to be another game where the Bengals are going to have to scheme their way to a win. Can they do it? Some say “Any given Sunday” I say, not with this coaching staff.


Look around the Bengals world and you will learn that this part of the Bengals 2010 schedule is the hard part. With games against a bunch of top teams, the Bengals need to bring their lunch pail and get to work.  Then remember that the Bengals even screwed up the easy part of their schedule, essentially going from first to worst in less than a season.


Awesome job guys.


This isn’t new. We have been here before, we are Bengals fans after all. So what do we do now?  Some of you will root for the Bengals to lose out so they can get the top draft pick. Others will hope for some wins to save face and evaluate what we might be able to expect going into next year. Personally I can never root for the Bengals to lose. I think my enjoyment from the win out weighs my planning for next year. Really, how do you know Luck will be a star NFL qb anyway? If Bratkowski gets his hands on him he will be lowered to the level of mediocrity that has bestowed countless quarterbacks before him.


The Bengals are a great one half team. Every game this season if broken out to a half of football the Bengals would win. Usually it is the first half. Then the coaches go into the locker room and fail to plan for the second half and the Bengals allow 5 td’s to Buffalo or let the Jets do whatever they want.


So this week I want to see the Bengals throw caution to the wind. Play everyone on the active roster. Get Caldwell and maybe even Simpson some playing time. Use the next 5 games to get younger guys touches. These guys may still have some heart left. It is easy to see the veterans don’t.