August 16, 2017

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Revisiting Something to consider about Mike Brown

Sometimes I like to read through the archives. Today I stumbled across this gem written by Mr. Showbiz in 2008, while there may be some changes to figures and the Super Bowl champs, it really is still a relevant article don’t you think?   Something To Consider Friday, October 31, 2008 Here is a breakdown […]

State of the Cincinnati Bengals heading into the offseason

There is still one more game to be played in the 2010 Bengals season.  It can be considered an important game I guess. The Bengals are going to want to beat the Ravens for the second time this season to complete a second consecutive sweep of the Ravens. Other than that, there really is nothing […]

WDW Episode 19 – Charging to the Finish

Well who saw that coming? We all should have if we had looked just a little closer. The Bengals have won 18 of their last 23 home finale’s. Couple that with the cold weather cross country trip for San Diego and it spelled disaster. Way to play spoiler Bengals! Big week from the Who-Dey Weekly […]

New look Bengals?

    Come on Cincinnati, you have been here before.  You know, your team plays poorly all season then, out of nowhere, strings together a few wins just to show the fans that next season could be grand. Don’t buy it, unless changes are made (one in particular has to be the firing of Bob […]

WDW Episode 18 – Streak’s Over

Well in honor of the Bengals NOT breaking the record for longest losing streak in a season, Andy and Seubs decided to break the record for longest episode of Who-Dey Weekly! But for good reason, this episode is packed with loads of information and Bengal chatter. First up, we look back at the Battle of […]

Ochocinco agrees that a storm is coming and changes will be made

Here is further proof that the Bengals implosion is coming.  On the next T.Ocho show Chad and TO talk about their plans for the upcoming season and how neither may be in Cincinnati. Chad says, “I’d love to see Terrell come back next year. As far as myself, I don’t even know if I’ll be […]

What I did and didn’t like – Bengals Vs. Browns

October and November both went by and the Cincinnati Bengals failed to win a game.  They lost a bunch, 10 in a row actually. So yesterday was nice, the Bengals won, and they beat the interstate rival Cleveland Browns.  Both of these teams stink. Both of these teams have been bad for some time. One […]

Life is like a box of….popcorn?

If you’re a Bengals fan, you’re probably not surprised. But take a close look at this email sent out by the club to former season ticket holders. What’s amazing to me is that for just $100 you can renew your seat license, AND get this, a free box of popcorn? Really? Amazing.

Bull’s Fab Five

by Andy “Bull” Barch In a season where you lose 10 consecutive games, the only thing that you really have to look forward to is the NFL draft. The Bengals entered the 2010 season with expectations so incredibly high, and the results delivered, have been extremely underwhelming. Where the team goes from here, from a […]

From the mouth of divas – the truth

I told you so…  The implosion is coming.  I told you a few weeks ago that something was different about this season.  Sure, the Bengals fall flat… again.  They follow up a pretty good season with an incredible collapse.  I said that something was bigger this time. Well, thanks to my new favorite Bengal, TO, […]