July 25, 2017

Lets talk shirts and protests

There has been a lot made recently of an article Paul Daugherty wrote about a fan getting tossed for wearing a fire Bratkowski shirt. I wanted to weigh in on my thoughts.

First, the stadium personnel have every right to toss you if you don’t follow what they say.  One person can say that shirt is offensive and they can bounce you for not turning it around.  Debate all you want about what is offensive or rights of the consumer and then take your ass to the consumerist.com and find some of your fellow consumers.


While attending the Bengals vs. Steelers game there were a couple of Steeler fans a few rows behind us wearing a very clever shirt which stated “If you aint a Steeler fan, you aint shit”. They were asked (late in the game) to turn these inside out or get bounced. Sure, security had a right to do that, but what I found funny was the Bengal fan behind them cheering when it happened wearing a shirt that said “Fuck Pittsburgh” with an image of a middle finger. Bengals fans must be more offended by the word shit I guess.


Back to the point, if wearing a clever t-shirt about the state of the Bengals or your solution to their problems makes you feel better, then by all means wear it. You need to know that the only people this will affect will be the handful that chuckle and you. Mike Brown and Bob Bratkowski don’t give a shit about what your shirt says, it means more that you are there. Shoot, Mike Brown’s response to the WDR guys flying banners over training camp was something to the affect of “If they have that much money, they should buy tickets.”. So your one man shirt statement is only going to end up pissing you off when you are told to turn it around.


So what can the fan do to change what is happening on the field and change Mike Browns attitude?

Short answer? Nothing. Here is a guy who has built a successful business around an NFL football team, win or lose.  Does Mike Brown want to win? Absolutely. Does he know how? Nope. Does he know how to squeeze a dollar from a dime? Yep.


My advice? If you want to root for the Bengals, do it. Buy some game tickets, you can find them cheap as hell on the secondary market. Take your friends, tailgate and have a blast. You limiting yourself on a Sunday is not going to change the outcome of the game or the team. If you like going to the game for any number of reasons, go.  Read through the comments on the site WhoDeyRevolution.com and see what kind of nutjobs are trying to influence you to not having fun on Sundays. The site is based on a good idea, and some of the writers do make great points. However, these people are so miserable you begin to question whether they are even fans of the Bengals or if they are fans of self loathing. Many of the comments are centered around Mike Brown dying. If that isn’t nuts then I don’t know what is. 


So if you are sane, and you are reading this thinking “you know, I hate when the Bengals lose, and I know there is not really anything I can do to change that. But, I still like tailgating and cheering for my piss poor team.” Then drag your ass down to Longworth Hall this Sunday morning. We will have some hot apple cider ready for you and we will enjoy the game together.