June 24, 2017

What I did and didn’t like – Bengals vs. Saints

The Cincinnati Bengals find new ways to lose every week. Whether they have the game wrapped up and decide to throw an interception to lose, or they decide to jump off sides on a play that never works at any level of football. I mean, I would feel better if the Bengals lost on some trick play where Brees complained about the ball being dirty and snuck into the end zone. But, no. We jump off sides on a 4th and 2 to give the Saints the opportunity to take a 4 point lead instead of a tie and overtime.

It is never a good idea to put a loss on one play. The last TD the saints scored was a joke. The Saints need 3 yds to take the lead and you give a 5 yd cushion. How does that make sense?  You want the Bengals to be hungry but it seems like they are only hungry for parts of the game.  Why accept the ball when you win the toss to get to 3rd and 4 and run a 3 yd out? The Bengals first two possessions ended after a 3rd and 4 to go where the receiver did not run to the sticks. Brilliant coaching there Bob. Rather than put the guys in a position to succeed, you call plays that are probably going to fail. No one gives a shit if a pass is completed on 3rd down that does not get the team that first down.

What I Liked:

 – Carlos Dunlap is becoming a good pressure defender.  A couple of sacks today (one huge loss to set up the Bengals well). This guy needs to be on the field more.

 – Domata Peko also is a disruptive force on the defensive line. I was impressed with his run stopping ability for the most part.

 – Chad Ochocinco came to play. Yes, he had a bad drop early in the game. The tip toe catch he made late on the sidelines shows this guy still comes to play.

 – Some great running by Bernard Scott in the return game as well as in the rushing game. A great change of pace for Benson. I still wonder if he could carry the load week in and week out, but he fills his current role well.

What I didn’t like:

 – You can’t start this part off without calling out Pat Sims. That was a dumb ass move. Why are you so jumpy there? I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going through his head. Sure, maybe the Saints get crazy sometimes (the onside kick in the Super Bowl) but come on, you managed to stay on sides the whole day except for the one time it would hurt the most. Pros should not make those kind of mistakes.

 – Jonathan Joseph on the next play. Why play so far off in the end zone? The ball only has to break the plane.

 – Carson and coaching both fail miserably on clock management. Carson struggles with the play clock while coaches struggle with timeouts and the game clock. Using timeouts because players don’t know if they are supposed to be in the game or not is not an excuse. That is your job to make sure people are where they are supposed to be. Admitting that they are not is a direct reflection of how you handle your team. Not good.

 – Did Pat Sims really jump off sides? I mean, no way. That didn’t happen right?

 – Bob Bratkowski is still a dumb ass. Every week he comes closer to being the next head coach of the Bengals.


Sean Payton on the encroachment penalty:

“It’s really a No Brainer Freeze,” (head coach Sean) Payton said. “If we felt there was clear movement, then the worst thing that could have happened is we move back five yards and kick the field goal. Drew Brees did a great job with the snap count and tried to create the illusion we were going for it, when we were really just going to let the time run out.”

Marvin Lewis on the encroachment penalty:

“They’re trying to draw us offside there. We’ve been through that. I showed the guys that on tape. I started the meeting on Wednesday. It was about the fourth or fifth play I showed them. To me, it’s pressing more than anything. I don’t know if confidence comes into pressing as much because I don’t think you think about it — I think you just press. And you try to press through it, and you do things that are out of your element that you don’t need to do. They’re playing their tails off, but we’re not playing winning football at crucial moments. That’s big, and what’s disappointing for them. If it was a guy not getting it done, we would replace that guy. But it’s not that. You look at a guy playing nine or 10 plays, and he plays pretty good football. And then we have one play, and we’re not overcoming that one play. We have a young tight end who makes fabulous plays, and then he drops the ball right in his hands because he’s running before he’s caught it. You just got to go through those things. And then he gets a little bit confused with the substitution, and that’s part of it. But we’ve got to overcome it and just keep doing it, doing it, doing it. The guys have to keep doing it in that situation until it becomes second nature.”

The Bengals are 2 and 10. Out of it long before the season is over, again. People constantly claim they are done with this team, why would people go to the games, blah, blah, blah. I attended the game on Sunday and had a good time. That is really what matters right? It is entertainment after all correct? Are you more worried about having the ability to brag that your team is the best or just happy that you get to enjoy your Sundays with friends? 

(not pictured: a bunch of whiny losers who claim to be better fans than the rest, when really they are just a bunch of self loathing assholes.)

Who Dey!