June 28, 2017

What I want to see tomorrow

The Bengals have really nothing to play for the rest of this season. A respectable record and playoff birth are no longer possibilities. Some say play for a draft pick, however, do you really want to go through a top 5 hold out again next season?  The Bengals still have one more chance to win the Cincinnati Super Bowl tomorrow by beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh.


What I want to see:

 – I want to see Chad Ochocinco finally have a good game against the Steelers. He should have the opportunity to make some plays and get into the endzone when hair Polamalu cheats over on TO.

 – I want to see Big Ben get hit in the nose again. That is the least that the Bengals can due to punish that asshole rapist.


 – I want to see some fire from Carson Palmer. It has to suck to have everything said about you in the media negative. Get pissed and show the world you can still get the job done. Maybe you change fans’ minds or maybe you get some good tape for a possible trade. Either way, try and own the Steelers.

 – If Marvin was serious about trying to come out and establish the run, I want to see him fired. I get it, you are a lame duck coach right now. If you try again to establish the run against the best run stopping unit in the NFL, you are an idiot.

 – ditto for Bob Bratkowski

 – Can Mike Zimmers defense put up a good game with a patchwork defensive backfield? I hope so, it can go a long way for his future coaching possibilities.

 – I don’t want to see any one else go on IR.