June 28, 2017

Carson Palmer connected on 3 touchdown passes

It is rare when Carson Palmer has the kind of day where he ends up with 3 td passes.  It is even more rare when two of them are to the other team.


Once again part of the Bengals team played well while another part blew it.  To go into Pittsburgh and hold them to 0 offensive td’s even though they moved the ball well is a feat. Leave it to Carson to throw the ball to the Pitt d twice for scores. After the Bengals march the opening drive down the field and score on an Andrew Whitworth td catch, Carson and Bob Bratkowski decide enough is enough and basically shut down the offense.


How many more 3rd downs were not converted with passes completed for less than the line to gain.  Even the announcers make a comment about how much sense it makes to throw a pass on third down that is 10yds short of the first down marker.


Man the Bengals suck this year. 10 losses in a row.  The only thing about today that is a win for Bengals fan is at least you are not a Steeler fan. I mean sure, their team wins a lot but, wouldn’t it suck to have to go back to your trailer and piss in an outhouse?