July 22, 2017

What the future holds for Carson Palmer

In 2005 Carson Palmer could have been the mayor of Cincinnati.  The guy with the golden arm changed the way the Bengals played football by throwing the ball on a rope to receivers as the Bengals passing game could not be stopped.  Then there was the knee injury and everyone wondered if he was done.


Fighting back, Palmer recovered from the devastating knee injury to start the first game of the next season.  People wondered if he would be effective and he answered by posting similar numbers to the year before. Carson Palmer seemed to be the guy that was going to turn the Bengals around.  He was awarded with a huge contract and Bengals fans were happy.  Look at how many 4 year olds are running around Cincinnati right now with the name Carson.


Then the elbow, and the suckiness. Now Bengals fans are wondering if Palmer has any value left at all. Sure, the guy is playing terrible, but you have to wonder if this is just another example in a long line of a top prospect becoming Bungalized.  It is amazing he was able to hold out as long as he could. Personally I think he is done in Cincinnati.  Of course Mike Brown is going to sit him down and offer him a box of popcorn to take a major pay cut and he can continue to be the QB for the Cincinnati Bengals. I think however, Carson will tell him to shove it. A parting of ways almost seems inevitable at this point and I can’t blame number 9 for wanting out.  


In his weekly Monday Morning QB article, Peter King had this to say:

I think I don’t know how you could have an ounce of faith in Carson Palmer this morning, not after handing the Steelers two touchdowns on interception returns, and not after continually misfiring again. It might be time to deal him to San Francisco for a second-round pick in April, Mike Brown. Or a third-.

I say, if you can get a second round pick for him then it may be wise to pull the trigger. I don’t think it will happen, but it could. 
I have a gut feeling that Carson is going to end up in Arizona. I also think he will do well.  There are also chances for him all the way up the west coast. Either way, I don’t think Palmer has many more games left in stripes.  Thanks for the wins and in the future try not to throw so many touchdowns to the other team.