July 25, 2017

What I did and didn’t like – Bengals Vs. Browns

October and November both went by and the Cincinnati Bengals failed to win a game.  They lost a bunch, 10 in a row actually. So yesterday was nice, the Bengals won, and they beat the interstate rival Cleveland Browns.  Both of these teams stink. Both of these teams have been bad for some time. One looks to be moving in a positive direction, the other seems to be ready to implode.


What I liked:

 – Cedric Benson ran tough, what was even better about the run game was seeing Pressley (remember from Hard Knocks) opening up holes for him.  Man, it is cool to actually have a fullback in the backfield rather than a tight end.

 – There was a Jerome Simpson spotting. Must feel nice to actually be able to dress on game day.

 – Caldwell turned in a nice game.  I think the Bengals have some talent in the younger receivers, it will be interesting to see what veterans are still around next year.

 – The Steelers lost to the Jets and gave up a safety, I know, it has no bearing on the Bengals, but it was nice to see them humbled.

 – Winning just feels better than losing, the Bengals should try and do that much more often.



What I didn’t like:

 – I don’t think anyone will, but please don’t confuse this win or any other win in the remainder of this season for progress.  These team is not capable of progress with the current coaching staff and therefore pressure should be on in the media and blogs to make a change.  The idiot in the box needs to go.  Bratkowski sucks at his job.

 – TO is hurt. Sure, it won’t hurt the Bengals in their quest to suck, but I was excited about what he was going to say. I say give him the gas and let him fuel the fire.  It would only make the explosion this offseason that much louder.

 – Even though they won, it felt like the Bengals were trying to give this game away at the end like only they and the Giants can.


This week I am going to root especially hard for the Bengals. I want to see them beat the Chargers for many reasons and it would be nice for the Bengals to win out.  They don’t need the top draft pick.  Please don’t give Mike Brown another opportunity to fuck up a contract negotiation and ruin some kids career.