July 25, 2017

WDW Episode 18 – Streak’s Over

Well in honor of the Bengals NOT breaking the record for longest losing streak in a season, Andy and Seubs decided to break the record for longest episode of Who-Dey Weekly! But for good reason, this episode is packed with loads of information and Bengal chatter. First up, we look back at the Battle of Ohio and breakdown just why exactly the Bengals won.

Then for you draftnik’s out there, Scott Wright of DraftCountdown.com stops by the show to talk about the Bengals draft needs and the names you need to look for in the upcoming bowl season and draft combine.

And of course what would an episode of Who-Dey Weekly be without the fans? Lots of feedback and shoutouts galore. I must say it’s a lot more fun writing these posts after wins.

Show Highlights
Browns Breakdown
Scott Wright, DraftCountdown.com

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