June 26, 2017

Ochocinco agrees that a storm is coming and changes will be made

Here is further proof that the Bengals implosion is coming.  On the next T.Ocho show Chad and TO talk about their plans for the upcoming season and how neither may be in Cincinnati.

Chad says, “I’d love to see Terrell come back next year. As far as myself, I don’t even know if I’ll be back next year…. Changes will be made and they’ll be significant.”



We know that unless there is a change to the management structure of the Bengals it is foolish to believe it will not be more of the same in 2011. you could probably pencil the Bengals in for something like 7 – 9 to 9 – 7 for the season.  However, like I talked about before, something feels different this year.  While it may not be all the changes needed to make the Bengals a better run team, it will be fun to watch the explosion.


Check out The T.Ocho on VERSUS tonight at 10:30pm eastern.  Brandon Jacobs will make an appearance.  Maybe he can talk about how it feels to give up 4 td’s in 7 minutes.