July 22, 2017

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WDW Episode 17 – At Least They’re Record Breaking

I guess technically they’ve only tied the franchise record for consecutive losses at ten. It’s amazing to think this team beat Baltimore and was 2-1 at one point in the season. Thanks again to all of the fans out on Facebook who provided us with their Bengals Christmas Wish Lists. In the next few week’s […]

The Bengals get flexed

For the first time this year the NFL decided to flex the schedule and like many people thought, it was to move the Bengals out of prime time. The Bengals Chargers game has been moved from the night game slot to a 4:05pm start. The league decided to move the Vikings vs. Eagles games there […]

What the future holds for Carson Palmer

In 2005 Carson Palmer could have been the mayor of Cincinnati.  The guy with the golden arm changed the way the Bengals played football by throwing the ball on a rope to receivers as the Bengals passing game could not be stopped.  Then there was the knee injury and everyone wondered if he was done. […]

Carson Palmer connected on 3 touchdown passes

It is rare when Carson Palmer has the kind of day where he ends up with 3 td passes.  It is even more rare when two of them are to the other team.   Once again part of the Bengals team played well while another part blew it.  To go into Pittsburgh and hold them […]

What I want to see tomorrow

The Bengals have really nothing to play for the rest of this season. A respectable record and playoff birth are no longer possibilities. Some say play for a draft pick, however, do you really want to go through a top 5 hold out again next season?  The Bengals still have one more chance to win […]

Remember who you are supposed to hate

Yep, the Bengals suck this year. This does not mean that you should hate the Pittsburgh Steelers any less than any other year.  Here is a reminder of the 10 reasons to hate Pittsburgh tomorrow:   1. Bandwagon fans – The Steelers don’t travel well. The thing is, they have “fans” all across the country. Most […]

WDW Episode 16 – Misery Loves Company

Not much to say after you’ve beaten a dead horse for nine straight weeks. So we figured we’d invite a guest on our show who’s having an even worse year than ours. John White from Cat Crave Radio, a Carolina Panthers podcast, stops by the show this week to talk about the hell their season […]

What I did and didn’t like – Bengals vs. Saints

The Cincinnati Bengals find new ways to lose every week. Whether they have the game wrapped up and decide to throw an interception to lose, or they decide to jump off sides on a play that never works at any level of football. I mean, I would feel better if the Bengals lost on some […]

They’re Playing For The Division Tonight

Lets talk shirts and protests

There has been a lot made recently of an article Paul Daugherty wrote about a fan getting tossed for wearing a fire Bratkowski shirt. I wanted to weigh in on my thoughts. First, the stadium personnel have every right to toss you if you don’t follow what they say.  One person can say that shirt […]