July 22, 2017

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Fire Bob Bratkowski

Fire Bob Bratkowski. It is time, after 10 seasons of mind numbingly bad performances it is time to cut ties with this offensive coordinator. Sure, you can go online and read about how James Walker thinks Bob is the second best coordinator in the division. But he is an idiot. Other talking head experts also […]

Bengals Vs. Colts on Sunday

Sooo… what are you doing on Sunday? You could catch up on some leaf raking. Maybe cut the grass for the final time. How about getting a head start on that Christmas list?   Or, you could watch the Bengals face the Colts in Indianapolis at 1:00.    The question you have to ask yourself […]

WDW Episode 12 – Too Little Too Late

The Bungles sure made it a game late on Monday. However, if the Steelers had been playing their best ball this game would have been a blowout. It’s all starting to unravel at the seams. Ochostinko is becoming more and more vocal and visibly frustrated. The playcalling and game planning is awful. Not much to […]

What I did and didn’t like – Bengals Vs. Steelers

  I want to talk about how I like the Bengals fight, or how they almost pulled it out.  However, it gets a little old when every week we are talking about how this team almost did something, or played tough at times. The Bengals are a bad football team with a lot of talent. […]

Are you ready for some football?

A little motivation in pictures to get you ready for tonight.  The WhoDeyFans bus is on the way down, hope to see you there. 

Know your enemy – The Ben Roethlisberger story

It used to be that Big Ben was one of the most recognizable monuments in England, now in the US Big Ben refers to a missing link looking, troglodyte rapist of a quarterback. Why the hatred for Big Ben? Well, aside from him being one of the biggest douche bags in the NFL, his sense […]

Tecmo Bowl Futures – Cincinnati Bengals VS. Pittsburgh Steelers

Let’s see what the crystal ball that is Tecmo Bowl says about the game this Monday.   The Steelers start with the ball and the Bengals defense comes out pumped up.  A quick sack by Dhani Jones forces a 3 and out to start the game.     The Bengals get the ball but then […]

How and Why the Bengals will beat the Steelers on Monday night

Some may accuse me of being an optimist, and I would tell them they are correct. So I am going to take a few minutes to tell you how, and why the Bengals are going to beat the Steelers this weekend.   The Steelers look good this season, really good. So I am going to […]

A Tale of a Photoshoot and a Goat Farm: Based On A True Story

This story starts with a simple fact; Hines Ward is lactose intolerant. You’ll need to remember that. Some years ago, when the Got Milk advertisement campaign was in full swing, Hines Ward walked into his house with an arm full of groceries as the phone was ringing. He rushed to the kitchen counter, dropped the […]

WDW Episode 11 – Really?

A promising first half for the men in stripes, but then they decided to come out of the locker room for the 2nd half. We talk about that and we look forward to the upcoming Monday Night showdown against the Steelers. Andy looks like Big Z in Miami. Thoughts? Thanks Zach from Cincinnati. There’s a […]