June 24, 2017

10 things the Bengals can do to become the Patriots

Interesting article here about what the Bengals can do to become one of the premier teams in the NFL.  I will not post the whole article but you should click through and read it. Here are some of the highlights.


1. Hire a true GM and a coach. Don’t laugh but this could be Marvin Lewis. 

2. All about operations. 

3. Decide Carson Palmer’s future. 

4. Bring in Josh McDaniels as your offensive coordinator. 

5. Draft to needs, not best player.

6. Bridge QB. Get a good back-up to Palmer to bridge the present to the future. 

7. Need to raise the on-field leadership of the D. 

8. Draft or sign rookie free agent as an energy player. 

9. Get back to being a football team, not a reality show. 

10. Preparation is everything.


Thanks to Mike Petraglia from WEEI