July 20, 2017

Either you want Marvin Lewis back or you don’t, but

You have to admit, the stand he is making with Mike Brown is awesome. He is essentially willing to leave a job where he is well paid because the owner is too stupid to get out of the teams way. He is calling for some major changes to a Bengals organization that has not changed in years. 


When Marvin was brought in to coach the Bengals in 2003, people were pumped. Jerseys were sold with the name Lewis on them and the number 03. No matter who the Bengals sign to replace Marvin if he walks, the hype will not be the same. The Bengals best bet is to stop being so stupid and give Marvin what he wants.


Sure, the guy could use some clock management help, but he has turned the Bengals into a respectable franchise.  He has proven he can win when he has very little control of the team and I think given more control, he could continue to change the culture of the Bengals.


If he walks, Bengals fans are in for more of the same bullshit from Mike Brown. Marvin Lewis is really our only hope for change. I hope he stays because that means he did get some changes.


I also am counting the minutes until the announcement is made that Bob Bratkowski is gone. Right now I am like a kid on Christmas morning. Mike Brown, please don’t shit in my stocking… again.