June 24, 2017

Carson is fed up with Bengals management also

Rather then tweet about it or make some semi snide remarks Palmer decides to say “Fuck it, you suck and I want out.”


Many fans are also saying that, but what does it mean when your franchise quarterback comes out and says it on the eve of season ticket renewal letters going out? I told you, an implosion was coming. Mike Brown brought this on himself by once again flying in the face of conventional wisdom and making zero changes when the team underperformed so bad.


Mike, get your head out of your ass and fire Bratkowski. Arguably the greatest player on the team is quitting because you are too stupid to do what even casual NFL fans see needs to be done. There is no reason that an offensive coordinator should hold that position for 10 plus years.  If he was good, he would get a head coaching job or even interview somewhere. The fact that he is so bad and you keep him around is baffling.