July 25, 2017

Is Carson making a play for change?

Is Carson Palmer becoming a martyr for the fans of the Cincinnati Bengals or is he just a guy who is sick of playing for this miserable franchise?


You see, on one hand, Palmer could be making a very bold move by forcing the hand of the owner who loves his franchise quarterbacks.  By asking for a trade that is not based around money, he could be forcing Mike Brown to make changes in the organization that he would never make otherwise. Perhaps Carson is sick of running the plays that Bob Bratkowski dreamt up in 1984 and wants some new life in this offense. Maybe he is sick of being the northernmost team in the NFL with no indoor practice facility. Maybe he wants the focus to be on building the offensive line rather than drafting multiple wide receivers early in every draft.


Or, maybe he sees that the grass truly is greener on the other side. Maybe he wants an opportunity for not only success on the field, but the chance at sustained success. Maybe, he is as sick of the Bengals management as just about everyone else is. 


Like Marvin, I don’t want Carson gone. There is no QB that could come in that I would have confidence in to give the kind of production that Carson did. Carson is still a good NFL quarterback, he is just bound by the idiocy of the moronic coaching staff. The entire offensive side of the coaching staff should be gone except maybe the line coach and tight ends coach.  I Have no confidence in our coordinator (obviously) or QB coach.


Either way, I still don’t think we have seen the end of this implosion yet. I told you for the past couple months, an implosion was coming unlike what we have seen from the Bengals before. Enough is enough, the fans can’t change Mike Browns mind, maybe star players can.


In the off chance that anyone in the camps of Carson Palmer or Chad Ochocinco read this, I also think the bickering between Chad and Carson should end. You have the opportunity to unite and together make a mockery of Mike Brown. Maybe when the two faces of the franchise tell all about how terrible it is on the inside, how it sucks to know you don’t really have a shot at winning and how the people in the organization don’t really care about the players and the fans you can get some change.


I don’t expect it, but it is nice to imagine.