July 25, 2017

My thoughts on the NFL lockout



First let me start by saying that I don’t believe that there will be a lockout.  There is too much money on the table on all sides that anyone would agree to not have an NFL season.


That being said, here are my thoughts on the Lockout.


1. Stop sending me propaganda articles for your side. So far I have received numerous articles from both sides in the lockout in an attempt for each side to garner support from the fans. 


First from the players side:  I get it, you feel like enough of the profit that you are bringing in is not being shared with you. Guess what, everyone feels underpaid, only the guy making 40,000 dollars a year has a little trouble understanding your complaints when you make that much money every time you catch the ball. It is hard to gain our support when it costs the guy making 40k almost 500 dollars to take his family of four just to see one of your games. On top of that, we are Cincinnati Bengals fans. Chances are good we are going to leave that game light 500 dollars feeling like we were kicked in the gut.  


From the NFL (owners) side: First off, kiss my ass. When you felt my blog may be infringing on your profits you sued me. Why the fuck would I side with you at all, ever? Open the books, it is not too hard to figure out you guys are making assloads of money. If you are hiding it, don’t. There is enough money coming in (from the fans) to go around. I also find it hard to find sympathy for billionaires.



2. A lockout for the Bengals may be a relief. The fact that there will be money lost will hurt the “Small Market” teams more that the large market teams. Also, it will crush owners that have no other business as a source of revenue. Guess what Bengal fan, the entire Brown family falls into both of those categories. See if Mike Brown cares about ticket sales when there is 0 revenue rolling in. A lockout could force the Browns to do something drastic, like sell the team or make drastic changes to renew the interest of the fans. I don’t think a lockout would kill the NFL like it did MLB, the sport is too popular. However, it could kill the frugality of moronic owners like Mike Brown.


3. After reading the details of the lockout, it seems, most of this is media hype anyway. The actual lockout would be a last straw action if the two sides cannot agree on anything. There is an option of an impasse being declared and that the last offer from the owners would become the deal that the players play under.  Sure, they could decide not to play, but that is a strike. However, slowly the players union has been de-unionizing to avoid an action like this. (I am not a lawyer so I tried to put it in my own words, if I am way off feel free to correct me)


4. There is too much money to not play football.  A lockout where there is no NFL will not be the same as shortened seasons in the past. Think about the trickle down affect this would have. The NFL changes everything it does for money, the draft has been spread over three days for more TV time. There are more Saturday and Thursday games for TV revenue. There is the Sunday ticket, merchandising and just about everything else that the NFL does for your cash. If they don’t play and piss off the fans on a national level, they will crush their bottom lines.