July 27, 2017

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Coming Soon….

I know we’ve taken a little hiatus since the season ended in early January however we will be recording the next episode of Who-Dey Weekly next week. Of the many items we’ll be touching on are the rumors out there about the offensive coaching staff. It’s become apparent that Marvin Lewis and the Cincinnati Bengals […]

It could get a little Chilly in Cincinnati

  Maybe, just maybe there is some hope on the horizon.  But, this is Cincinnati so don’t hold your breath.  Rumors have it that Marvin Lewis hosted former Vikings head coach brad Childress for dinner last night at none other than Jeff Ruby’s restaurant.  If you remember, Brad Childress took the Eagles to 3 NFC Championships […]

The Bengals are not the reason Hamilton County has no cash

So the title of the article on Cincinnati.com is:  Bengals want more county concessions.  Really, what the article actually states is sensationalist reasoning to garner more traffic by picking on a common enemy. Let’s look at the article FJM style: Barely a month after agreeing to a deal to help cover a shortfall in the fund […]

When the owners are the enemy

When you have a fan base on the ropes what is the best thing you can do? You could come out and apologize for the season and let the fans know it is not acceptable while promising better for the future.  Or, you could treat the media and fans like they are a bunch of […]

Congrats Ohio State on a big bowl win for the state

  O-H-I-O!  Congrats Buckeyes, a good end to a good season. The Buckeyes finally slayed the beast that was the SEC.  The game looked like it was going to be a blowout but in the end it was a great game and fun to watch.    I find it funny that once again the media […]

10 things the Bengals can do to become the Patriots

Interesting article here about what the Bengals can do to become one of the premier teams in the NFL.  I will not post the whole article but you should click through and read it. Here are some of the highlights.   1. Hire a true GM and a coach. Don’t laugh but this could be Marvin […]

Marvin signs – Stays head coach of Bengals

  Marvin Lewis apparently has signed on to stay as head coach of the Bengals.   press conference at 4:30.   WhoDey  

Marvin Stays?

Another source says that Marvin Lewis stays and that an announcement will be made shortly.   Scott Sloan also reporting Marvin stays, Lapham talking about it on 700 but sounds like no decision yet.  However, there is a ton of crapping on Bob Bratkowski.   so maybe listen to 700wlw?

Marvin Lewis may have walked away for the last time

Based on an Adam Schefter report, talks in the Bengals early meeting with Marvin Lewis went well. Then after a disagreement on the future of the team and the teams direction, Marvin left the meeting and may have walked away from the idiocy of the Browns for the last time.   Not cool Brown family, […]

WDW Episode 20 – It’s Just the Beginning

How many of you are thinking “thank God it’s over“? Well, really it’s now just the beginning. The Marvin Lewis era may or may not be over. Andy and Seubs debate on his future. We also welcome in Nate Wilkinson from StripeHype.com to join in the festivities. Thanks again from all of you who participated […]