June 24, 2017

The New OC

Yesterday everyone in Bengal Nation was ecstatic when the Bengals decided to make a change at the Offensive Coordinator position. The harsh reality for fans ready to move on is that the brilliant Bengals brass still have to hire someone to fill the void. Something the front office has not done well over the years.

Granted, the Mike Zimmer hire at the time seemed to have been an outstanding pickup for this club. I will give Brown a pass here, for now. Zimmer’s defense in 2010 certainly did not play at the level we were expecting. But now that Brown and Lewis need a new Offensive Coordinator, let’s consider the following.

1. Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis should NOT consult Carson Palmer in this hire. Letting Carson participate in the decision process is only going to give the former Pro-Bowl quarterback more leverage and power. Especially considering he doesn’t want to be here in the first place. Who’s to say he’ll want to stay regardless of the hire.

2. They need to hire someone who has a run first mentality, and by run first, I don’t mean on 1st and 10 run off tackle, again, and again, and…you get my point. I want to see them get back to smash mouth football, which in the AFC North is a proven track record to winning. Let Cedric Benson do his thing and let’s draft some hogs in April to help provide depth on the offensive line.

3. Hire someone who’s an unknown. Right now the the Steelers and Ravens defenses could have called each offensive play in the huddle before it was broken. I’d like to see them give an up and coming WR or QB coach a chance at calling plays just to keep the Steelers and Ravens defenses off balance.

I wouldn’t be upset if they promoted Ken Zampese. He’s got a great pedigree with his father being a great play caller in the NFL and his playcalling is a bit of an unknown. He’s already familiar with the offensive guys that are there being the current quarterbacks coach. It’s possible that he’ll be able to provide a spark without having to overhaul the entire offense.

I believe the Bengals will go with an outside hire but maybe the right candidate is already there under their nose.