July 25, 2017

My Super Bowl prediction

For just a moment I am going to put my feelings for the Steelers and mostly the Steelers fans aside. You see, the Steelers are a great football team and it is because they are, from top to bottom, a great organization. Also, when the Steelers make it to the Super Bowl, they usually win. This year they also have a great chance to get their 7th Super Bowl trophy.


But, I don’t think they will.


The Packers are a good football team. If you look at their 6 losses this year it shows the quality of this team. 2 were in overtime, 2 were at the very end of the game by 3 or less points and 2 more were within 4 points. It is no stretch to say the Packers were in every game this year. They kind of remind me of the ’05 Steelers.  A good team who really got hot in the playoffs.


Look for Aaron Rodgers to expose the Steeler secondary, I really don’t see any other way for the Packers to win. The running game is nothing special and will be facing the top run defense in the NFL. I think Rodgers is the type of QB that is enough of a threat to move out of the pocket that the Steelers will need to leave someone in to spy him. Doing this creates mismatches in the secondary and Rodgers needs to find those players.


It will be an exciting game that will probably come down to the final posession. I say Packers – 31 Steelers – 27.