July 26, 2017

Is Palmer Retirement That Bad for Bengals?

I realize this may not be the most popular position to take, however I’ve decided to move on with Carson Palmer and so should the Bengals. I’d certainly understand the fan base’s disappointment had Carson continually put up numbers like he did in 2005. Let’s face it, that ship sailed as soon as Kimo took out that left knee. His numbers have declined in each of the previous 3 seasons, culminating in a very disappointing 2010. The Bengals made the postseason in 2009 with less than stellar play from their QB as they flamed out to end the season. Go back and look at that 2009 schedule, they didn’t beat anyone good that year except for maybe Baltimore.

If Carson doesn’t want to be here, then why put the effort in to getting him to stay? It’s like Mikey Brown just got dumped by this once super hot, supermodel girlfriend but becomes the pathetic loser guy who begs her to come back, she does, but you know her hearts not into it so now you’ve just got this awkwardness everytime you’re around each other. Break up’s are tough. It would be better for both sides to make a clean break and start fresh.

This break up won’t be pretty. Kind of like this image.

It’s also time for the Bengals to realize that Carson Palmer’s no Brooklyn Decker either. He’s not even Kathy Ireland at this point. Trade him now before he retires so that you can at least get something in return. Let him go out west and stink it up for the 49ers, the Cardinals or Seahawks. The Bengals couldn’t possibly be afraid that he will all the sudden rediscover his ability somewhere else? I’m certainly not betting on it. However, keeping guys here against their will does way more damage to morale than it helps.

I’ve been saying for weeks that they will draft Cam Newton (if he’s there). But if he’s not, Mike Brown should draft someone with some gravitas, someone with some stones to stand up to Ochostinko. It doesn’t necessarily need to be at pick 4 either. Personally, I like what Nate Wilkinson from StripeHype.com says about TCU QB Andy Dalton. I’d pass on all of the high profile guys and maybe look at him. The guy’s a flat out winner and a fantastic leader, which is exactly what this team needs under center.