June 26, 2017

The Bengals share some perspective

Today, the Cincinnati Bengals launched the “Who Dey Perspective”.  This looks like an official attempt to voice their responses to what the blogs and media hammer them about.  Starting with the stadium deal.  On some level I agree with the Bengals. For example, they have been grilled recently for telling the county that they need to pony up for repairs and upgrades to Paul Brown stadium.  You see, the fans read what is written by the sensationalists as the Bengals asking for money, when in reality, they are asking the county to live up to the agreement that they agreed to. Sure, it sucks because the Bengals are a horrible football team, but they are not piling on by asking the county to honor their agreement.  The Reds do the same thing.


Where they lose me is when they compare themselves to other teams.  See, if you are going to do that to support your side, then it is perfectly acceptable for the fan to compare to support their arguments.  Jack Brennan uses the Colts as an example for the Bengals stadium deal. In a vacuum that is fine. However, I would argue that the Bengals routinely fail to live up to the performance of the Colts.  You know, the team consistently in the playoffs. For the Bengals to leverage arguments like that, they would need to use teams that perform consistently to the Bengals. So Jack, compare the Bengals to teams like the Bills or the Cardinals, not the Colts.


While on some level, the “Who Dey Perspective” is a decent idea to respond to media accusations, once again, the Bengals fail in their execution.  It baffles me that the Bengals consistently fail to address fan criticism. It just shows that the leadership of the organization is either too arrogant to care what the fans think, or to ignorant to understand what the fans expect. I think it is a mixture of both.