July 25, 2017

Cam Newton Tailor Made for Old Spice Commercials

Can’t you just picture Cam Newton saying “look at your quarterback, now back to me, now back at your quarterback, now back to me!” Cam Newton is ready to take on the NFL, but is the NFL ready for Cam? Sports Illustrated reporter Peter King tweeted that Cam Newton told him in a phone interview Tuesday “I see myself not only as a football player, but an entertainer and icon.” While on the surface that is an innocent enough comment, it does make you wonder whether or not he is mature enough to handle being a quarterback in the NFL. The quarterback needs to be the leader of the team, someone that his teammates respect. The questions about Cam are not centered on his physical gifts, but whether he will be able to handle the demands placed on an NFL quarterback. Can he accept the blame for a loss when he played well, as Carson Palmer did on numerous occasions? That is the multi-million dollar question, and it will be a gamble for whatever team selects him April 28th. See Cam’s Combine interview here

Can Newton was certainly a winner on the field, at least for one season, which he overstates in an interview with Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports; “Not to sound arrogant but what I did in 1 year others couldn’t do in their entire collegiate careers.” His demeanor is two parts Ochocinco with a Dash of TO and a sprinkle of Old Spice Swagger. He has a dazzling smile that captivates the room, even though he refers to himself in the third person on multiple occasions. I don’t think he will have any problems taking credit for his achievements, but how will he handle accepting the blame for losing? He hasn’t really done much of that, but plug him into any of the teams sitting in the top half of the draft and he will definitely get his chances whenever football resumes. There is a lot of pressure on this young man, and he is taking it head on. He will be performing drills at the combine Sunday for all the world to see, which is rare for someone projected near the top of the draft. Whether or not that helps him achieve his stated goal of being the #1 overall draft pick remains to be seen. Regardless of which NFL city he will call home, the Cam Newton experience will be a wild ride.


  1. Cam Newton + Bengals = Bust!

  2. I’m sorry but I can’t stand the man already. he is a gigantic jackA**. I don’t want to cheer him on. Pick AJ Green and go second round for a QB