July 25, 2017

Carson Palmer makes the Bengals outlook very hazy

Will the Bengals decide to keep the QB or trade him? Who really knows? On one hand, if he really wants out, it would be nice to get a nice deal for him.  Maybe an extra first round pick in the draft? However, with the labor deal, that may not even be possible. If there is no deal the draft still happens, but there would be no trades.


On the other hand, I honestly believe Palmer still has gas in the tank. Maybe the Bengals are just posturing to help cloudy what might happen at the top of the draft.


In Peter King’s Monday morning QB this week he has two interesting notes on the Bengals.

Mock Draft:

4. Cincinnati. Cam Newton, QB, Auburn. Mike Brown loves drafting quarterbacks. He also loves gambling on them. That’s what this is, of course. A gamble. And it allows Marvin Lewis, who will be coaching with the security of a new contract, to not worry about 2011 and be secure in jettisoning Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco and starting a new era. Or error.


10 things I think I think:

8. I think the Bengals are doing their due diligence on the quarterback position, which tells me they might grant Carson Palmer his wish to be traded when the NFL finally gets a labor deal done. Talking to one Bengals official over the weekend, I was surprised to hear that whenever trades are allowed after the signing of a new CBA, the team will listen to offers for Palmer.


In the first he talks about the first 10 picks in the draft and has the Bengals picking Cam Newton.  I doubt the Bengals make this pick if Palmer is still on the roster. If he in fact is not, and the Bengals have a second first round pick, that would be a fine pick for me.  Sure, the kid could be a bust, but that can be said about anyone in the draft.  Personally, I would wait and pick up Colin Kaepernick of Nevada, but Cam Newton could be a good QB in the NFL.


In the second note he brings to light they Bengals feelings around Carson Palmer.  Sure, most people assume that Mike Brown will be playing hardball with the franchise QB by not trading him.  In all actuality, it could be that he is not traded yet because there are no trades allowed. Hopefully the labor deal gets done well before the draft.  That way we should all have a clearer picture of what the Bengals face this upcoming season and who will be behind center.