July 26, 2017

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The Bengals share some perspective

Today, the Cincinnati Bengals launched the “Who Dey Perspective”.  This looks like an official attempt to voice their responses to what the blogs and media hammer them about.  Starting with the stadium deal.  On some level I agree with the Bengals. For example, they have been grilled recently for telling the county that they need […]

Ced Benson’s Happy and Wants His Stuff

If there’s something positive to take from this offseason, it’s that Cedric Benson seems to be quite pleased with the direction the franchise has taken. The only problem here, is that he’s an unrestricted free agent. In other words…Benson wants paid. Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com sat down with Benson. To read more click here.

Is Palmer Retirement That Bad for Bengals?

I realize this may not be the most popular position to take, however I’ve decided to move on with Carson Palmer and so should the Bengals. I’d certainly understand the fan base’s disappointment had Carson continually put up numbers like he did in 2005. Let’s face it, that ship sailed as soon as Kimo took […]

Longtime Bengal Fan Nick Lachey Speaks Out

It’s not everyday that you find a high profile Hollywood celebrity who roots for our beloved Bengals. Nick Lachey has never kept his love for Cincinnati sports a secret either and in this Q&A with ESPN’s James Walker, he goes off on Mike Brown’s ownership ability and surprisingly goes after….Carson Palmer? Read the entire Q&A […]

Our Bengals Bus

If you don’t follow WhoDeyFans then you probably didn’t know that we own a Bengals bus that we take to Bengals games. Recently our license plates were up for renewal so we sprung for the custom Bengal plates.  Tell us what you think.     WhoDey  

WDW Episode 23 – Location Location Location…

Is the number one rule in real estate and it’s looking more and more like Number 9 is ready to pack his bags and head for The Hills. News out of the Queen City today has clued us in on his intentions. Ball is in your court Mr. Brown. Why do I have a bad […]

Carson Palmer is selling his house

  According to an article from

My Super Bowl prediction

For just a moment I am going to put my feelings for the Steelers and mostly the Steelers fans aside. You see, the Steelers are a great football team and it is because they are, from top to bottom, a great organization. Also, when the Steelers make it to the Super Bowl, they usually win. […]

WDW Episode 22 – You Can Not Be Serious

On this week’s show Andy and I discuss the future of the Offensive Coordinator position for the Cincinnati Bengals. Who would you like to see be the new OC?Scott Wright from DraftCountdown.com stops by to preview the 2011 NFL Draft. He fills us in on what exactly the Bengals will be looking to do with […]

Jay Gruden in as OC of the Cincinnati Bengals

  If you look at Jay Gruden’s AFL resume, the guy has done it all. He was an outstanding OC as well as a head coach winning a couple titles. He has some NFL experience with Tampa Bay and also has been a coach in the UFL.    I don’t have a problem with this […]